Contraptor, metalworker, global activist, steampunk... specializing in pedal-power.

Using steel, wheels, and sewing, I rend Victorian æsthetics into a Mad-Max setting with a rigorous use of found and recycled materials.

Kiwi-Burn 2008

Kiwi Burn is the New Zealand regional of Burning Man. This was their first year as an official, supported regional of the Burning Man festival. It took place near Mangakino, Te Ika a Maui.

I traveled to New Zealand to work the festival's Ministry of Public Works. The MPW sets up and breaks down the festival, which is a Leave No Trace event. I'm excited to be on the crew so early in an event's life, and plan to return as often as I can.



Blogger Thomas said...

Payphone! It's the Colonel. I was just googling for "kiwi burn" and then saw this "jonnypayphone" site name. Rang a bell :) Nice website. Elegant pictures. Got style. I am impressed. Your blog's in my RSS feeds now. Keep us updated. Maybe even check out Nowhere in Spain - some Kiwis are considering coming, too. Wishing you a good 2009. Klink.

January 5, 2009 1:37 AM  

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