Contraptor, problem-solver, sculptor's assistant, mutant vehicle design and repair, startup genuis's Man Friday.

Specializing in accomplishing the impossible, with limited resources, in extreme environments.

Alloy Motors

THE CLIENT: Alloy Motors Oakland

THE PROBLEM: Startup genius needs Man Friday

THE SOLUTION: Two-time successful entrepreneur Geoff Gates was starting his third company, a hot rod shop in West Oakland. During the first year of a company's existence, work can be a dynamic experience. I joined Alloy Motors as employee #1. This required me to be all things at once: Bookkeeper, process designer, hot rod mechanic, shop manager, and personal assistant.

THE RESULT: Now in its second successful year


Allpower Labs

THE PROBLEM: Alternative-energy startup company has great idea, low sales.

THE SOLUTION: This was a complicated, technical product with a $25k price. Therefore customers had questions. I streamlined fabrication and shipping processes, and opened up lines of communication both online and off. This required an intensive technical understanding of the product, and a voice for the company that was knowledgeable and trustworthy. In typical startup fashion I played the role of the production, shipping, tech support, sales, & marketing departments.

THE RESULT: First-quarter 2011 sales equaled sales of entire 2009 fiscal year. For two years company was guided through the Valley of Death when many startups fail. Resounding success, startup saved.

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