Bike Part Jewelry

If you're like me, you have no money but a mountain of bicycles. While much of my jewelry comes from the gutter, sometimes I find bike parts that I can wear. In the Rat's Nest, no part of the bike goes to waste! If it can't be recycled into another bike, it is put to work as shown below, or kept as scrap to shim welds and such.
Derailleur Cage Belt Loop
Great for hanging your keys or your wrench.
Grip-shift Rings
This is the part that tightens a grip shift to the handlebars. It turns out that handlebars are the same size as my index finger!
Brake Lever Plugs
Old-timey brake levers have a nice ball at the end, and chopping one down makes a great plug. I reckon it's a little bit bigger than an ought gauge. Then you can stretch up to a kickstand!
Inner Tube Rings
Cut 'em small for traditional rings, or use the part with the valve for a nice spiky look.
Chain Plugs
The tricky part about wearing chains is not the gauge of the barrel, but the width of your lobe. Motorcycle chain might work. I had to go all the way up to industrial chain. Use the quick-release link if you can, or put it in with a chain tool.